KC Reg. Romanian import (Darek Inima Mea) for stud

Price £1750

I have my stunning Russian Black Terrier, Bear (dob. 13/6/11), for stud services.


He is a handsome example of the breed, I can't walk anywhere with him without being stopped and questioned about him. He is intelligent, loving, gentle, obedient and utterly amazing with children. He doesn't chase cats, excessively bark and is so owner orientated that the gentlest of whispers gets him to ignore whatever he was previously interested in.


Bear is a dog of large, imposing stature; strongly built with heavy bone.

Well proportioned general appearance, sturdy and robust. Well developed muscles (and getting more muscular by the month). His body is almost square and wears a coat of medium texture and weatherproof which is well furnished on head and limbs.


He has good guarding instincts, but displays a calm thoughtful demeanour. He is easily trained and will adaptable to any scenario.


Bear is calm when needed; lively when allowed but always even-tempered; confident but aloof around of strangers; resilient and hard working when asked; brave and self-confident.


Bears head is proportioned with a moderately broad skull and rounded cheekbones. Eyebrows slightly pronounced. Skull flat, medium stop, not too accentuated. Top line of muzzle parallel to top line of skull. Muzzle solid with slight tapering towards the tip and length a little shorter than skull. Whiskers and beard give muzzle a squared-off shape. Lips thick and black in colour, tightly fitting. Large black nose. His eyes are oval in appearance and dark. Set obliquely and wide apart. Eyelids dark and fitting tightly. His ears are high set, pendant, not too big, triangular in shape with the inner edge lying tightly against the cheekbone. He has strong jaws with a regular and complete scissor bite, (upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws). he has a strong and full dentition. His neck is powerful, muscular and clean cut. Flows into the top line at an approximate 45º angle.


Bears shoulders are laid back. Seen from the front, legs straight and parallel, pasterns short and straight. His elbows are carried close to body.


Bears withers are clearly marked above top line, perfect flat, broad back level and muscular. His chest is deep and level with elbows with well-sprung ribs. He has a moderate tuck-up, a short, wide, muscular and slightly arched loin. His rump is large and muscular with virtually no slope towards the tail which is set high.


Looking at bear from behind his legs are straight and parallel, set wider than the front legs. Thighs muscular and well developed. Stifles well bent and hocks set low with great angulation.


Bears feet are well arched and rounded with thick pads. Black nails.



At the trot, legs move in a straight line, with forelegs converging slightly. Fairly elastic movement. Ground-covering movement with good reach in the forequarters and good driving power in the hindquarters.


Height and Weight:

Bear is 30.5 inches at the withers and is 50Kg and I fully expect him to weigh 58 - 60Kg when he finishes growing. I am tightly controlling his weight and allowing it to increase as he has agesd so that his health isn't affected by too faster a weight gain.

Bear has so many champions in his lineage it's crazy. I have had him hip scored and and he has a score of 11 (left 5/right 6). His movements are brilliant; he is agile and for a 50kg dog has a real turn of pace.


He is 50Kg of solid muscle, not a gram of fat to make him look or be bigger than he should be. He is used to 6 mile daily walks in the local forests and beach. For such a big dog I defy you to out walk him. That is the point of a BRT; they are a working dog, they should be able to keep up with you all day and that's what Bear and his offspring will do.


The price is set at a level that acknowledges his superior breeding and takes into account his excellent hip score.


Please e-mail if you have a bitch that you would like to be serviced by Bear.