KC registered Rhodesian Ridgeback - 14 mth old

1 Boy - £SOLD

Contact me if you have any specific requirements

If you would like to purchase a pup through me, whether it's one I already have for sale or another breed, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

All puppies selected for training by Crucially Canine have to meet four criteria:


  1. Gentle nature
  2. Natural willingness to come when called
  3. Natural willingness to stay close to his/her owner
  4. Eagerness to obey obedience commands

Have you ever wished for the perfect family dog, one that obeys all commands, that loves to learn and knows when and where to play. One that you can trust implicitly with children as well as other animals!! If you want the perfect family dog but don't have the time; Crucially Canine offer the perfect solution.


The training I offer is not exhaustive but it will provide you with a solid foundation, a platform to continue your dogs education should you wish, however if you do not wish to, then it provides you that basic level that all dogs and owners should wish for.


Training Given

Sit               - verbal and whistle (sitting & waiting distance)

Lie down     - verbal

Recall          - verbal and whistle

Stay            - verbal



No              - Dog will stop what he's doing and look at you

Heel            - Walking to heel on lead, sitting when you stop without command. Walking to heel off lead under light distraction.

Place          - When commanded the dog will go to a specific mat/cushion and lie down.

In your bed - Dog will go in to bed and lie down on command.


Increased dog, cat, pigeon and horse socialisation

Cessation of chewing in the house

Increased impulse control (reduced chase drive with scooters and bicycles)

Socialisation with adults and children in home and High St. environment

No jumping up

Will not eat food unless commanded to

House training (toilet and crate)

Door manners

Car manners

Shop/cafe/pub socialisation

No mouthing


If you have any further questions or simply wish to view the dogs please don't hesitate to contact me. Please review my website to gain a good idea of my previous work, my thoughts and methods.