This is a personalised ordering service (all breeds considered)

Please contact me if you are looking for a trained puppy


All puppies trained by Crucially Canine will make fantastic family dogs.  They will be loving, affectionate, biddable, intelligent and confident. We ensure they grow up with zero issues, either physically or psychologically. 


Training covers the basic commands, all of which are performed under distraction:

Lay down verbal
Recall    - verbal and whistle
Stay       - off lead
Give - dog will drop whats in its mouth in to your hand. 
No  - Dog will stop what he's doing to look at you
Heel  - Walking to heel on lead, sitting when you stop without  command.
Place  - When commanded the dog will go to a specific mat/cushion and lie down.
In your bed.     - Dog will go in to bed and lie down.


The second and most import component of the training is environmental:

Increased dogs socialisation. Stock trained: sheep, horses, cats. 
Cessation of chewing in the house
Increased impulse control (reduced chase drive with scooters and bicycles)
Socialisation with adults and children in home and High St. environment
No jumping up
House training (toilet and crate)
Door manners
Car manners
Shop/cafe/pub socialisation
Reduced mouthing and chewing


Here is an example of what you will see in a crucially canine trained puppy


They will come with a complete puppy pack of crate, a blanket a bowl, collar, lead, favourite toy and food. 


For more information about me and what I do please look at my Instagram account @cruciallycanine. 

I have been breeding black Russian terriers for 7 years and traning dogs for 25, you can expect your pup to be well adjusted, affectionate, and responsive. All training occurs in real world environments and all pups are treated as if they're my own, they sleep in the house, hang out with me and train with me.