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I offer what I believe to be a complete and unique service. Whether it's bespoke advice and selection of dogs, the supply of ready trained pet dogs or my personalised 121 training service, Crucially Canine will provide you with the confidence to move forward and enjoy your life with your best friend.


All dogs trained through Crucially Canine will be given the training that will afford you the time and opportunity to just relax and enjoy the rest of your life with your companion and know that you can have control and trust in them.

Training Method

All training will be governed by Operant Condition (O.C.)

O.C. is a method of learning that occurs through reward and reprimand. Through O.C. the dog will learn an association for a behaviour with a consequence for that behaviour i.e. the promise or possibility of a reward, causing an increase in a desired behaviour or conversely, a reprimand (which could simply be a sharp 'No') to decrease undesired behaviour.

Services Available

  • 121 training work
  • Training advice and consultation
  • Products for sale
  • Bespoke sourcing of dogs

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