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Understanding Food Needs

Correct feeding is very important for your dog. A dog can become overweight if care is not taken regarding their diet. Overweight dogs can have health troubles. Extra weight can cause all the same conditions that obesity in humans can cause; diabetes, heart disease, liver disorders, gastro-intestinal disorder and joints disorders.

Small breeds burn calories faster than larger breeds, but as they all grow older their needs change for dog food. One also has to take in to account exercise; if one is a marathon runner, one will be skinny even though one is eating the same amount as a 125kg couch potato! This logic also must be applied to your dog.

A Dogs digestive tract is relatively short and is designed to process proteins and the main component of its diet. You may need to do a little experimenting to see what type of dog food your dog enjoys best. However, many foods we love are poison to dogs. 


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