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Payment Plans

Payment plans for residential training:


Paid on a 50/50 basis.

50% up front

50% on completion of the course


Payment plans for bespoke puppies:

i) 50/50 - Half upfront, remainder on completion. This is the only option available on puppies that cost more than £1000 for Crucially Canine to buy.

ii) 40/30/30 - 40% of total payment to be deposited when the puppy sourcing process starts. 30% to be deposited at the half way 1st. stage of training and the final 30% on collection of the dog.

iii) Instalments - total payment divided by 6 and then paid in monthly instalments. Once 2 payments have been made dog will be purchased by C.C. Once 4 payments have been made dog will be released to owners.

If any payment is missed (7 day leniency) then ownership of dog is transferred to C.C and all prior payments are also forfeited.

If payment is ceased after handover of the dog and C.C has to use small claims court then court costs will be recovered in addition to the forfeited payments.

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