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Crucially Canine Academy

My attention, in your time, at your leisure.

This is an exclusive and private service with a limited number of spaces available.


Max. 10 trainees


This will ensure the fast, appropriate and individual attention you deserve, without the compromises that client volume can bring.


Each member will be in a WhatsApp group with Crucially Canine. All content will be kept private, sent individually, unless prior agreement made. 

Each member will have a private YouTube page where videos will be uploaded… only you and CCA have access to this, unless you give the link out.


The focus and aim of the CCA is to import as much training, advice and understanding of that training.

To cover all aspects of general dog handling and behaviour guidance for every stage of a dogs life. There will be no areas of dog training, handling or husbandry that are off limits.

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