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Getting a puppy was a big decision for us, as we had never had a family pet.

The thought of a brand new puppy was too daunting, and this is when we found Ian!

Meeting with him and seeing his previously trained dogs, as well as the brand new puppies he had behaving so well put our minds at ease and the whole process of getting our pup was faultless.

He kept us up to date with how the training was going and we met up with them a few times before the hand over.

Even after getting Loki home, we have been full of questions that Ian is more than happy to answer and has helped with training after.

I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner.

We couldn’t be happier with our little Loki and we can’t wait to see what else he is capable of. He is just the best.



As a family we had decided to get a dog in the hope that as research has shown that it might make a difference to our son "Samuel", who has severe Autism and is non verbal.
We had never had a dog before, but knew that we wanted a Labrador.  I attended a PAWS course run by Dogs for Disabled, this is for families who have a dog or are thinking of getting one and have children with a diagnosis of Autism.  After the course in April we started our search, the whole process of finding a suitable puppy is daunting, confusing and time consuming. 
In June when I was still searching, I came across one of Ian's adverts for 2 black Labradors.  I phoned to arrange a visit the next day, as Ian was very local to us.   I was really impressed with these puppies and Ian's services.  We came back as a family to see the pups and Ian took us out to the local park, this was great as I could make sure that both my children would be happy having a dog.  We decided that these ones were not right for us, and this was purely a wrong time issue as we didn't want to bring a puppy home in the summer holidays.
We left knowing that when the time was right we wanted a puppy sourced and trained by Ian.  In the summer holidays Ian sent us an email to let us know that he was acquiring some fox red Labradors that would be ready in October. At no time did we receive a hard sell from Ian, he absolutely knew that the time had to be right for us. The timing was right for us and we put our deposit down and looked forward to meeting our pup in September. Ian kept us regularly updated on the puppies and once we had chosen our puppy this continued, and we were always welcome to visit during the 8 week training period.  The handover was excellent and Ian is always on hand for advice.  Amber has settled in beautifully, she has changed us for the better.  Samuel enjoys watching her play, and she often sits with him while he plays with his toys.  Jessica our daughter who is 12 adores Amber and can't wait to get in from school to see her,  she has been great at teaching Amber new tricks. Ian has taken all the hard work out of getting a dog, especially in our situation where we need a calm and structured environment. I would thoroughly recommend Ian services to anyone, we feel lucky to have found him.
AMBER and the Campbell-Dykes family



We had given up hope of getting another dog because we were wanting a dog from a puppy, but knew that due to our circumstances, we could not go through the 'puppy stage'.  Was it possible to get a calm, gentle pup who was obedient?
Absolutely no problem according to Ian, and he was right.  He selected Geordie, a very calm English Springer Spaniel.  Geordie has settled in to our family perfectly.  An absolute joy with impeccable manners.  We cannot praise Ian enough for his communication throughout and the great affinity he has with his dogs.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Crucially Canine to any one.


Thanks again Ian


The Christie family, Fife 



If you are after a perfect puppy, (or as close as you can get) then I could not recommend Ian highly enough.  He accomplishes exactly what he says he would with honesty and professionalism.  In my 30 years of being interested and owning dogs I have never seen a more rounded and well trained pup.

I know that the first few months of a dogs life are the most important, but because of severe disability within the family I am unable to spend the time needed with a new puppy to get it right.  This led me to research a company who could lay down the correct foundation stones in socialisation and training within the home environment, Crucially Canine was my way forward.

From the very onset communication with Ian was excellent.  He was not pushy but very confident in what he could offer.  Family needs, breed choice and training requirements were all things that we discussed to get the best dog for our family.  His experience and advice was very informative and helpful.

I first visited Ian last year but because of family circumstances I postponed getting a pup.  This has meant that I have seen 2 lots of pups and one of last years pups at the age of 28 weeks ( which was with Ian for day care).  The character and training of all these dogs has showed that there is a high standard of training with a consistency and uniformity which is solid.

Flynn (our pup) settled very quickly into our very busy large family, being especially at home with children.  His training makes him extremely sociable and well behaved and now, even at 21weeks, continues to be a dog that stands out in the crowd.  Lead work, sit, stay, place, recall ( verbal and whistle ), crate and toilet trained, I really could not have asked for a better trained puppy.   A real credit to the work of Ian. (and family).

If you are looking for that near perfect pup then I would recommend Crucially Canine.  In a world where you can spend a large amount of money on a pedigree untrained puppy, Flynn has been worth every penny.  He has brought a lot of joy into the family without that initial anxiety of a new puppy.  Very rare to have the "best if both worlds"

Stephen Booth 


Before I starto talk about Ian, I have to first tell you what led us to look for him! We had just lost our beloved ‘Katy’ in a tragic road accident. Katy was a lively 5 1/2 year old Ridgeback x German Shephard only just starting to calm down.

My youngest daughter was really struggling without Katy and I was finding life without my constant companion empty but couldn’t see any space for a puppy. To further complicate things my girlfriend was frightened of big dogs and didn’t want an older trained dog.

In steps my youngest, DETERMINED TO GET A PUPPY! After 3 weeks of surfing and constant real time messaging with all sorts of breeds and ages and constant tweaking and filtering she was rewarded on finding “ the holy grail” which is CRUCIALLY CANINE, a trained puppy and he was a Ridgeback!!

I wasn’t ready for a puppy but agreed to go and meet with Ian after speaking to him 2 or 3 times. The idea was for Ian to find and train a puppy for us but I wanted to see a puppy first hand so I knew what to expect.  Ian told us of his background and experience with training dogs, he was so informative and took the time to answer all our questions and I have to say put all our minds at rest. Then in walks this beautiful puppy. I would like to tell you at this stage that it was my daughter who fell in love with the puppy but I can’t, it was me. Mio was calm, obedient, loving and obviously well trained.

What can I say about Ian: He has trained me as much as he has Mio. The best thing about Mio, he knows how to learn, we have to make sure we remember how to train him but Ian has always been at the end of the phone or email to set me straight and guide us all through it. I would recommend anyone to get in touch with Ian if they are looking for a puppy, I know one day we will get another dog and won’t hesitate to call Ian straight away.


Luca & Michelle, Brighton 


When I first met Ian I had been looking for a German Shepard pup for about a year, we lost ours at the age of ten three years previous. The right one just hadn't came along yet, that was until I met Ian quite by chance. He was working with two pups at the time, so I just stood and observed him for a while.  I approached him and he explained what he does and how he trains, I knew straight away this is what I wanted. Raffy, as we have named him, had to fit into our busy lives with two teenagers and a two year old. Plus we have two Labs , my daughters Patterdale and numerous livestock.


To anyone who is thinking of a new puppy or doing training work with existing dogs, I can't say highly enough that I would recommend Ian.  The whole process from our first meeting through to when Raffy came home was perfect. Ian is a very professional and knowledgeable person, he has always been there with support and answers to any questions we have. We found the perfect dog and the perfect way to do this through Ian, we couldn't of asked for a better dog.


Michelle & Chris, Blandford 

Sarah and 'Nelson'


It's hard to explain briefly what Ian has done with Nelson but all the training and socialisation that he does ultimately allowed me to pick up Nelson and immediately trust that he understood how to behave appropriately when meeting other dogs and also when meeting other humans, adult or infant.


The same day I collected him I went for a pub dinner with all my friends and he understood how he was to behave in this setting and lay down throughout.


I cannot tell you how many people compliment me over how well behaved and calm Nelson is for his age and it is very tempting to take the credit, but I can't - all credit to Ian for how fantastic a puppy Nelson has become.


The whole process of purchasing Nelson was faultless. Being able to send endless emails asking questions before I even placed a deposit was reassuring and after taking nelson home I am still firing plenty of emails to Ian for advice which have been answered swiftly and thoroughly.


Best decision I ever made was choosing to spend extra on having a trained puppy to bring home as the crucial foundations have been laid and I have been given the tools to continue Nelsons training with confidence.


It was worth every penny and more.


Sarah, Buckinghamshire 

The Morley's with "Lily"

Just to say thank you. Lily is absolutely fantastic. The training you provided before she came to me has proved invaluable - walking off lead, calm disposition and no jumping has been very much noticed especially with my daughter who has Autism. Lily is very aware and its lovely to see the special friendship developing with the two of them. Lily and I are now hoping in the next few months to be accepted for PAT Training (Pets as Therapy) so will keep you informed.


Morley Family, North Lanarkshire, Scotland  

The Flanders' with 'Stan'

What can we say?  Stan is perfect; he is everything we would want in a dog and more than we could have hoped for.


I have seen Ian in Poole with his own dogs and training others' dogs and he just seems to be on top of it.  So, when he said that he had some pups that he was training, I had no hesitation in putting my name down.


My wife, children and I couldn't be happier.


Flanders family, Wareham, Dorset 

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