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My commitment is to be as intellectually and as physically involved as possible during your time with the Academy.


The goal is to have your dog be able to be with you in any environment and as off lead as much as possible, and is legally allowed.


With no contracted tie-in period, I am offering this service for £150 per month, during which, you will have:


  • Access to me 24/7 via a WhatsApp group where you can ask for either open forum answers or private answers. Any text replies or voicemail replies will be received within a maximum 8 hours.
  • Video assessments of your training games and drills. Any reply videos that need to be made to show how I would do it will be sent out within 12 hours of receiving a video and question.
  • To create generalised content for everyone’s education about dogs: breed knowledge, history, expectation, costs, health, grooming, nutrition, training. All based, and backed by science, all sources cited. Specific content will be created when asked for. This can be kept private if requested.
  • Training visits can be arranged at an extra cost. We use a dog friendly hotel nearby for overnight visits. 
  • By signing up to the service, additional training on a residential basis, can also be arranged with a reduction on my standard price. 
  • International clients can be catered for; please contact us separately to discuss options. 
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