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One 2 One work

£200 for the initial assessment
£75 per hour for any work thereafter.

A day rate will be charged at £150 (9am - 5pm)


Travel is charged at £25 per hour 


Residential training programmes*

£600 per week obedience, socialising and environmental training

£1000 per week for dogs with a bite history - all the above plus bite rehabilitation 
£300 per week for any additional dog

Collection & return is charged at an additional price of £50 within 75 miles. 75-150 miles £150. 150-225 miles £200. 225-300 miles £300. Over 300 miles will be charged at £450. 

Number of weeks required are determined on an individual basis. However as a general guide;


  • Dogs over 14 months and only requiring general obedience require 2-4 weeks.
  • 8 - 14 months may require 4-6 weeks to allow for resting young dogs.
  • 5 - 8 months may require 6 or more weeks to allow for resting young dogs.
  • More intense behaviours in adult dogs will require longer than 2 weeks.

Puppies 18 weeks or younger should be enrolled on to one of the bespoke programs, however the puppy’s present level of training will be taken in to consideration: if puppy is already toilet trained, fully inoculated and now allowed outside the silver level may actually only take 5 weeks (depending on unruliness and intelligence level).


Bespoke puppy training programmes**

Bronze     £3500 (10-12 weeks)
Silver       £4000 (12-14 weeks)
Gold         £4750 (14-16 weeks)
Platinum   £PoA (18+ weeks)

Only certain breeds will show that aptitude and ability to complete Gold and Platinum level.


*The cost of food is not included in this price

**Consideration needs to be made for the cost of the puppy, vaccinations and potentially import costs.

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