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RussianPearl Kennels - The Black Russian Terrier


At 12, Bear is now our eldest and lives a quiet life of mostly eating and sleeping. He has sired 3 successful litters for our kennel; RussianPearl. The youngest of his progeny, Lunar, remains with us.


Raven has had 1 litter for RussianPearl, but even though she is now 9, her energy and drive levels are as strong as they ever were.


Also 9 but never a mother,  Midnight has become an integral part of our life and business. She helps train new pups and is a wonderful example for the Black Russian Terrier breed.


Our youngest, home bred, girl who, at 4 is in line to continue the RussianPearl name. A perfect combination of both Bear and Raven, her drive rivals that of her mother and show many mannerisms from her father.

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