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Collars and Other Accessories

I offer a selection of hand made collars and bracelets which are made to order.  There are a number of weaves available in a variety of colours. You just need to select which design you'd like, buckle type, which colour(s) and the length required.  When ordering, please provide all selections including an accurate measurement of your wrist or dog's collar size using a flat tailors tape measure.  Please note that for dog collars, you need to be able to fit two fingers under the collar and flat against the dogs neck.


We only use American military grade paracord 550.  It's UV and rot proof.


Please note collars are NOT intended for use as a training collar as any excessive tugging is likely to pull parts of the weave out of position.


Click on a picture to see a larger image and description.


All these designs can be made as bracelets or collars, however, depending on the size of your dog, some designs may not work as well as a collar.  Please contact Crucially Canine for more information.


  • The Solomon (1 or 2 colours)
  • The Solomon with single or double Herringbone Weave (up to 2 colours plus 1 or 2 lines of nano cord)
  • Tri-tone Solomon (3 colours)
  • The King Solomon (up to 3 colours)
  • Solomons Dragon (up to 3 colours)
  • The Jagged Ladder (1 or 2 colours)
  • Jagged Ladder 2 (2 colours plus micro cord detail)
  • Millipede (up to 3 colours)
  • The Ridged King Cobra (3 colours)
  • The Twisted Cobra (3 colours)
  • The Support (Solomon with single coloured line representing the service)
  • The Bootneck (Marine Core colours)
  • Sanctified Switchback (4 colours)
  • Rugged Sanctified (2 colours)
  • Sanctified Endless Falls (2 colours plus nano cord detail)


The narrower designs, such as the Solomon or Jagged Ladder, work well as a slip collar too.  Just ensure you measure the largest part of your dogs head (base of jaw and over the scull) to ensure it will slip on.


Buckles & Attachments

  • 10mm or 15mm metal buckle
  • 10mm or 15mm plastic buckle
  • 15mm adjustable metal shackle
  • Clicker - red, green, black, blue or purple


Click on the main image to see a colour description.

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