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Training Method Employed by Crucially Canine

Leading the way with trust

The training is performed in two phases; phase one is the acquisition phase, leading the them to the action and association to the command. Phase 2 heightens the trust and control that you will have in your dog. It compounds Phase 1 by increased repetition combined with increased distraction and stimulus discrimination.

All training will be governed by Operant Conditioning (O.C.)

O.C. is a method of learning that occurs through reward and punishment. Through O.C. the dog will learn an association for a behaviour with a consequence for that behaviour: the promise or possibility of a reward, causing an increase in a behaviour.

e g. - The word 'sit,' the dogs bum hitting the floor, a food or play treat is given.

O.C. can also be used to decrease an undesirable behaviour, when a punishment is associated to a behaviour;


e g. - A dog jumps on to your lap uninvited, you immediately stand causing the dog to slip to the floor and shout a sharp 'no.'


The above example should also be followed up with a positive reinforcer; after you have stood and the dog has slipped, you resit. Should the dog sit/lay at your feet, then positively reinforce this behaviour with a stroke and food treat.

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